Spring Fling Eyeshadow palette

My first ever experience with Nyx Cosmetics......

Fimo Canes Nail Art Sticks

Ever heard of Fimo Nail Art? It's a type of nail art design that uses polymer clay canes. They come in many cute fruit and flower designs...

Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Brush Kit

Importance of good quality makeup brushes is underestimated. Whether you love to apply makeup just yourself or starting your career as a makeup artist.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo Beg and Bronzerella

Prepare to look at blusher differently with illamasqua's innovative and reinvention of cult powder blusher formula is a new duo palette

OPI Nicki Minhaj Fly Nail Lacquer

Summer is coming up! The nail polish trend is changing from dark/glittery to bold, fun shades.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Buy Cheap Heels

You must have visited many fashion products selling sites but today's post is about shoespie. www.shoespie.com. A store selling high quality footwear in very affordable price. All kind of Cheap heels are available in every kind of style. Every style is unique and beautiful. They have categorized their products in different categories so everyone find out the desired products easily from the range.
A thing impressed me more about the site was their drooling and mouthwatering range. I have never seen such a huge range of heels for cheap prices ever. A site is flooded with cheap high heels. There are many different categories to choose from the wide range of the products are currently available. Shoepie is a heaven for shoe lovers and many products can be found like, high heels, sandals, boots, casuals and even flat.
They also own men's footwear range on their website along ladies shoe range. One could not resist their self buying their lovely fashion accessories range. Their is another category is called handbags and beauty accessories. http://www.shoespie.com/c/cheap-heels-104569/

Shoepie is famous and leading website dealing retail and wholesale supplier of all kind of shoes. Their aim to provide best shoe range in very affordable price in worldwide. They keep abreast  with the latest trend in fashion and provide hundred of latest design for worldwide shoppers. They offer free worldwide delivery on upto 75$ shopping and range is updating on daily basis. If you are looking for a best shoe wear of any occasion do not forget to visit their site. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Trend of Full Sleeve Blouses

Full sleeve blouses are ideal in summers to protect body from sun burn and to get tanned. You must have seen some funny images of people with two toned colored of body due to not wearing fully covered style of clothing in summers. Wearing fully covered clothing in summer not only look elegant and attractive but also protect your body from heat.
Zaful a site selling high quality clothing in amazingly affordable prices and categorized long sleeve blouses according to 2015 fashion in one section to easily pick. Zaful is a name of quality and was established with a vision to provide high quality clothing, shoes, bags and fashion products in very economical price across the world.
The designs available on website are unique and different from the designs available on similar sites.

Here I have shared few of my personal favorite designs with some inedible designing and painting on. If i would have to choose one shirt among the whole collection. I would happily go with the floral print white shirt from very left side in upper section not just i adore the styling but love the beautiful print painted on. Here on zaful one can have many latest designs in all type of fabric, style and sizes. Many lavish fabric like silk, lace,net and cotton shirts are available in latest style.
My recommendation for this month is zaful.com with so many latest and amazing designs. Don't forget to visit the site they often update their new arrival range you can shop Clothes, jewelry, shop and fashion accessories.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Just Pure Mineral Cosmetics Range

It's been too long since I posted about anything on my blog, I got married about couple of months back and had been really busy throughout the start of the February and all of March till mid of April. I had been getting numerous messages by followers that I had been missed by them which urged me to come back to the blogging and start writing again with all my passion and devotion. Through I have many pending reviews yet to be written, but I will start with Just pure mineral cosmetics range which I have received in my mailbox about two months back. Unfortunately I have not managed to get time to write about my experience with its range. Today I'm back to mother's home so decided to write about pure mineral. A brand of in Boise, Idaho claim to 100% Vegan Cosmetic company. A package came with so many lovely products including many samples and full sized products. 
Here we have two lipsticks, two lip balms, a blusher with 8 eye pigments along some sample lipsticks and foundation in a sample jars. 

Just Pure Mineral Cosmetics Range
Just Pure Mineral Cosmetics Range
I will start with my favorite products among the entire package. Here I have two full sized lipstick came in a package both lipsticks are high quality tubes with super smooth consistency as you can see in the images below that both shades are vibrant with some super shine finish. I literately fell for matte lipsticks, but there is nothing wrong in glossy finish lipsticks when they come in such vibrant shades.
Just Pure Mineral Lipsticks
Just Pure Mineral Lipsticks
Just Pure Mineral Lipsticks
Just Pure Mineral Lipsticks Swatch
Lip balms:
Lip balm came right on a time on the mid of the winter when i desperately needed something to pamper my chapped and cracked lips and they worked really great pn me and suited me very well. I was very happy and satisfied with its result somehow it given me a kind of lip allergic and i immediately stopped using them, but they worked pretty good and glides smoothly on lips and left my lips super soft and fresh throughout the winter.

Left to right Bohemian Chic, Fairy princess, Rock n Roll, Engagement Ring, 24k, Universal beige, Pop the question, Cafe Latte
Eye pigments:
Thing which most appealed to me was its eye pigments range which comes in various shades. All tiny jars with extremely pigmented eye shadows are super smooth and soft in texture glides smoothly and stays for long. All shades are beautiful and unique. I adore the engagement ring eye shadow, a true silver eye pigment I have ever seen my entire life when 24k gold is perfect gold. All first three green, blue and black are very vibrant with ultra soft texture when rest three shades are bit powdery and chalky. They actually work with nude and no makeup routine those are ideal and could be worn in everyday routine but such light shades does not appeal to me from the beginning because I always go with shimmery and vibrant eyeshadows.

SadeeStyle Review:
Well my experience with Just pure mineral is absolutely brilliant. I'm happy with its eyeshadow range and lipsticks are very right in consistency and results are great. You may visit their official page for ordering and more exciting products. Just Pure Mineral.
Disclosure: The products featured in the review were provided for review purposes.. All opinions are honest and my own.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Prom dresses collection of 2015

Winters are almost finished and we are heading to summers. Its a perfect time for prom parties. Prom parties are fun and a dream of every girl which gives girls an opportunity of wearing desired dresses. Every year come with its own style and charm. Prom dresses 2015 designs are something unique with its flairy trails Prom dresses 2015 are fun and trendy. Today I have an interesting site to share deals in funky and latest selection of prom dresses. Weddingshe make your prom night most memorable with their ultimate and stylish gowns. They can make dresses for every girl with any shape of body and in every colour and fabric. They strive to use best quality of fabric to make prom dresses. Wide range of  Discount prom dresses are available at Weddingshe over 50 to 80 % off Discount prom dresses can be purchased at wedding. I'm sharing few images of my favourite dresses those I would love to wear on prom parties.

Here we have all three different dresses in a row, from lightest to darkest shade of dress every dress has is own charisma and charm. I personally like the peacock green dress it looks comfortable yet classy and colour is evergreen. However rest two dresses are way to light in colour according to my taste but, no doubt every dress is pretty in its own way.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Evening dresses trend of 2015

Trend change with its time and 2015 is a year of bright colour dresses and girls prefer long trail or floor length gowns with long flairs. According to 2015 fashion trend around the world I'm going to introduce you with Weddingshe.  Weddingshe is a site selling high quality evening gown according to new fashion and trend which match your needs. A long evening of Weddingshe.com are must have long evening of Weddingshe.com. A best thing about the site is that they sell high quality and designer evening gowns in very affordable price and they do not compromise on quality and fabric. Chiffon, silk and lace fabric used for the dresses. They have everything is available for everyone. if you visit the link above you will find eye catching evening gown for all body shape and size.

I don't fell for evening gowns so often, but weddingshe is a site which appealed me at first glance due to its drooling range of elegant evening gowns. They offer huge range of celebrity, tradition and modern style of gowns. I admire their collection that you can have many designs and dresses in a colour of your choice. Thought price is already reasonable but currently evening gowns are on 70% off sale and they offer worldwide shipping. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015


The time we had all been anxiously waiting for is just round the corner. You got that right, we are talking about the Cricket World Cup 2015 - a month of absolute cricket madness. Even though cricket is not our official national sport, it truly begets much more excitement and enthusiasm than hockey, the official national sport. We are a nation of big smiles, warm hearts and insurmountable passion. The adrenaline rush we feel every time we slip on that green jersey, gearing up to support our team, is truly unmatched. If you don’t have a jersey of your favourite team (Pakistan, obviously) in your arsenal yet, get your Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2015 Jersey on Daraz.pk, check them out. Don't forget to get a selfie sticks to cheer and support our team Green

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Cocktail Dresses

Today is a last post of this series and I'm sharing about cocktail dresses. I found some epic pieces of cocktail dresses on pickpromdresses.com while searching over net. If you are not familiar what cocktail dresses are, cocktail dress are specially made semi formal attire for women for cocktail parties in today's post I will enlighten some basic rules to choose a perfect dress for cocktail party.
Cocktail dress are meant for parties so historically cocktail dresses are flairy and long, but as long as modern time comes definition of cocktail dresses has been changed now short and sleek cocktail dresses could be wear on cocktail parties with some sparkles and sequences on. Here I'm sharing few cocktail dresses of my choice.
Here i have picked four dresses. There we have choice of three blue dresses in different style. Blue is a colour of the season and if you are fan of blue colour like me you may pick a right dress for you from the list. along all pretty blue dresses you can not ignore sleek sliver dress which is kind of Greek dress. Greek dress has its own charm and beauty and this silver dress makes it more glamorous.

Here we have four different choices of dresses along pink, black, olive green and bright green. Though such brigh pink is not my choice but black dress is quit chic and fun to wear. my personal choice is olive green its such a subtle colour can be fit or look good on any size of body and any race. 

My personal favourite list is finally here. I love every dress in the list. From the simple chiffon sweet heart dress. Its not very special design yet classy and look really elegant it goes pretty well with silver accessories. Second dress is sea green ball gown which is my favourite among list because of its very appealing colour and style. Such dresses can be pared with very light jewellery. My second favourite dress in a list is purple dress with silver sequins. I'm in love with this style of dress it makes bulky figure to look slim and smart. However last dress is classy and very elegant but I'm not very impressed with the colour. 

First dress of the list is very elegant and short in size. its an ideal for ladies like wearing short dresses on cocktail parties but i like the last two dresses. A reason I'm liking last dresses is a flair and fabric of the dress. in second last dress its a silk fabric which make dress very regal and elegant.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Cosmoderme, The New Aroma For Your Skin.

Ever wondered why your skin is most affected in winter? Believe it or not, cold air, wind, and indoor heat are only three reasons why your skin suffers most in this season. Every individual has different blood and skin type which reacts differently in unlike atmospheres. Especially those individuals having skin sensitive to colder temperatures require skin treatment different from ordinary moisturising creams and skin serums. Cosmoderme offers unique and unlike skin treatments for individuals having sensitive skin type. Aroma facial skin treatments are new in skin treatment technology having blend of natural ingredients that reduce the sensitivity of skin. The reason why aroma facial skin treatments are best for winter is because colder the atmosphere more it will suck the moisture out of your skin. These facial treatments are confined with essential oils that will merely boost the skin moisture levels to stimulate the necessary collagen production inside your skin.

In winters, the cold temperature makes your skin dry and flaky making it lose the required amount of moisture from your skin. In most skin treatments, the dermatologists and skin experts suggest using moisturizers in order to keep the skin greasy during winter. The aroma facial skin treatments offer three in one benefits, cleansing, toning and exfoliation with application of facial massage after identification of your skin type.
All the big names from Pakistan in field of dermatology are here to provide you the best consultancy about your skin issues, featuring the skin specialists Doctor Gohar Alam and Doctor Najjia Ashraf.
All you have to do is make an appointment with our lists of expert dermatologists to get a vibrant, radiant and lively skin during this winter. Aroma facial skin treatments is a facial experience which can make you feel relax and settle down to heal the cracks left on your skin. Not only that, our aroma facial skin treatment is not just a therapy but we call it the beginning of your facial defense system which prevents the skin cracks to help your restore the soothing frame of your smile.

Website: http://cosmoderme.pk/
34C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Lane-4, near Saba Avenue, Phase VI, DHA Karachi
Phone: +92-21-35172401-4
Email: info@cosmoderme.pk https://www.facebook.com/cosmodermepk https://twitter.com/cosmodermepk https://plus.google.com/+CosmodermePkclinic/about

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Jewllery haul from sammydress.com

Just a quick post to share my personal experience with gorgeous pieces of jewellery which I recently ordered from sammydress.com. Its not a first time. I'm ordering from Sammydress. After having an amazing experience with sammy dress I have made my mind again to shop some jewellery pieces for winter collection. 
Jewllery haul from sammydress.com
Jewllery haul from sammydress.com
Jewllery haul from sammydress.com
Jewllery haul from sammydress.com
Jewllery haul from sammydress.com
I have made an order with these lovely jewellery pieces. I have a little complain with shipping service because my ring came broken also there was some missing pearls from necklace, but fortunately I found them in packaging and re glued them. Otherwise, products are good quality I'm in love. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Graduation Day Dresses

Graduation day is a most special day of girls life after wedding. Graduation ceremony is a dream of every girl and very special event of ones life. It' something will be remember for years so graduation dress should be elegant and charming. Every girl wants to look unique and pretty on that big day So in today's post I'm going to guide you to how to select perfect graduation dress in budget. There is a huge difference between graduation dress and wedding dress. Graduation dresses are usually short and casual when wedding dresses are huge and flairy. As graduation dresses tend to be short and light in colours so they can be worn under your cap and gown also can be worn on other occasion. Here i have picked few pieces of my choice to show you some unique and versatile collection site own. hope you enjoy my choices.

Well I will start with the light purple shade which look perfect in summers its perfect in lace fabric and size and slim and short you can pair it with silver sandals. Along with purple dress you can not missed the short black dress which is mixed and matched with silver and can rock you party with its elegance. I would also recommend bulky girls to wear black dress at every ceremony to look little slimmer than your actual size. Now we will talk about sky blue dress which is also short graduation dress its a colour which I don't wear often but I adore the ostrich style dress which can be made and many colours. In the last I will introduce you with pink shoulder dress which is kind of prom party dress long in trail and elegant in style.

In this list I like the coral dress. Coral is shade of youth and look really charming and elegant among many colours. it can be aired with silver or white accessories. My second choice is a pink dress which is a combination of silk and chiffon both fabrics are regal and can make a perfect graduation dress.

Wow this list remind me of Greek dresses if you look through into the both middle dresses you will fall in love with them both dresses are elegant in designs. I adore the cute and colours and fabric is super amazing.

Red is a colour of love and can look perfect for graduation party. Red dress can be worn with light nude lipsticks and makeup look. i would like to wear red dress with hot red sandals to rock my big day. In this list I also like the last pink dress which is very cute with beautiful rose shoulders. So if you are looking for perfect graduation dress in very cheap prices then look through THEIR dresses for graduation and find your perfect casual dress or gradation dress and look perfect during the celebration. Brows their graduation their will full confidence because their website is safe and secure. They ship worldwide and can make dresses in every colour and design. They have budget for all you can find your desired dress just under 130 usd at pickpromdresses.com

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Pakistani Wedding- Not just a Bride’s Day Anymore!

When my wedding date was fixed 6 months earlier, I and my fiancé were really conscious as to how we would plan out this gigantic event of our lives. The most crucial part was deciding the wedding day dress. Since we both were not really into expensive boutique couture or any designer dresses, we decided to plan out our budget beforehand for our wedding dresses. We both finalized an average amount that would be spent on our wedding day dresses. Let me tell you, this really solved much of our problem as we did not have to worry about expenses for the most important thing. We both did a massive search online and went through all the glorious designer pages, bridal websites and wedding stores online to search for the design or style we want to have for our big day. Thanks to social media and online wedding stores, we managed to find some extravagant designs that helped us generating awesome ideas for bridal wear. In fact, the Sherwani that my fiancé selected was a designer one but he got it at a highly affordable price and it turned out to be a massive hit in our wedding.

We usually hear our elders saying “A wedding day is a bride’s day” since bride is the center of attention because of her ornaments, her enchanting wedding dress and the overall look she possess on her wedding day. However, now the trend is changing where grooms are also seeking much attention in our weddings. The time and effort that brides used to take for their big day is equally availed by men also as they have become more conscious of their styling and dressing sense. No wonder the media and the evolution of our men’s fashion has played major role in changing our men’s psychology. Now our men also do proper homework for their wedding day as they want to look as elegant and charming as their life partners.

I believe it is a great change since they also have the right to celebrate their big day with full enthusiasm as they are also entering a new mode of life. Considering the rise of men’s interest in wedding shopping, many businesses have emerged like men’s saloons where proper hair and skin care services are offered. In fact, like bridal packages, men’s saloons also offer groom packages that include pre-wedding day services to pamper the grooms. Similarly many famous designers have come up with men’s fashion accessories and dresses specifically for the wedding. There are designer Sherwanis and proper men’s stores to shop.

It is a positive change since now even men are also enthusiastic for their wedding because they have developed an interest to look great. For that matter, there are various online stores like Kaymu wedding store that help people to plan their wedding dresses at full ease. Kaymu, which is one of the leading online wedding shopping stores in Pakistan, would be of great help to find your wedding day Pret. There are diverse range of wedding dresses from top quality brands that would get you the dream wedding dress at reasonable prices.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Champagne wedding dresses

Which colour of wedding dress to wear on a big day?? A big question come to every brides mind when she is preparing for the wedding. Choosing a wedding dress is quite tricky and  a dream of every girl because we get marry once in a life and everyone wants to become a pretties bride ever so there are so many things to consider when choosing a bridal dress. We all are different in body and skintone one dress look good on me might not look good on you. Here is in today's post I will guide you to choose your desired wedding dress in affordable price.
When it comes to wedding dress everyone wearing same plain white bridal dresses these days, but for delectable change one should try  the beautiful champagne dresses to wear on wedding. I myself going to wear champagne with red, but I also wont mind wearing just champagne colour wedding dress. Plain white sometimes feel very dull and simple sometimes when gold and champagne shade is highly appealing and can be combined with different stones and crystals. A champagne wedding dress is a symptom of elegance royalty among all coloured wedding dresses. Champagne wedding dress can be pair with gold or crystal jewellery. I'm sure it will make your big day very dedicated and memorable with its elegance.

So here are the list of my favourite dresses. Hope you like them. Along champagne dresses weddingshe own every tone of wedding dress including, silver, golden, white and offwhite. They intricately combined fabrics to provide consumer a most satisfaction with their order and provide a best wedding dress for their big day. A champagne dress can rock you big day. Here on weddingshe we can have many regal style champagne wedding dress in budget prices. If you look throw into it you will find many fairytale style dresses just under 250 usd when on local markets and store we get dresses in minimum 2000 usd which is way to high for people under budget. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Shopping experience with Yesfor.com

Yesfor.com has become a most reliable shopping website with most economical prices ever. I have made an order with yesfor.com 6 months back and was highly impressed with handbag quality so decided to made an order again and this time with some random goodies along some pieces of jewellery, hair piece, digital weight machine, eye lashes and massager.

SadeeStyle Review:
I have been wanting this hair piece for my wedding , but could not manage to get one from local stores. Every time I visit market to get long hair piece, but could not find the right one for me. Every piece I found was extremely low quality and some of them were in average quality was way over priced. However! I was looking around on random sites and found some spectacular pieces at yesfor.com and ordered just one to assure the quality and I was superbly surprised because as compared to its price quality was extremely high although these are not real human hair, but still quality is amazing. I'm in love with this hair piece and would love to buy some more.
I have ordered this facial massager machine which I had already, but my sister in law took it from me. I found this massager in great bargain and made an order with it.  I also ordered a beautiful green stone ring which is actually a plastic stone still it looks fine and those eye lashes are extremely pretty and good quality.
My package also contains digital waiting machine which was in very bargain price and I'm super amazed to see its quality and it works really best. Overall I had a happiest experience with yesfor.com twice would love to shop more. 

Sweater weather is better weather

As the temperatures are plummeting, it’s time for an inevitable wardrobe makeover. We all love those breezy chiffon tops and casual summertime tees but truth be told, the happiness we derive from those big cozy fuzzy sweaters is incomparable. We all wait anxiously all year long for this seasonal switch-up and once it’s here, there is just too much to do and too little time.

When it comes to winter wear sweaters are those versatile pieces of clothing that can be styled in some incredibly fun ways. Be it cashmere sweaters, cable knit sweaters, over-sized sweaters, turtlenecks, pullovers, cardigans or shawl collars, there is just so much you can do to look ultra-chic while epitomizing your snuggling pleasure. Our fashion analysts selected six of these must-have women’s sweaters from Daraz.pk and created six fashionable looks for you to follow. Here is what you can do:

1: Net sweaters are great during the early days of winter – it’s not insanely chilly at this time and nor is it warm.  After thoroughly dissecting all the runway trends this season, we rounded up navy blue as the colour of the season. That being said, pair up this super sexy blue woolen net sweater from United Colors of Benetton with white crop pants, a strappy black tank top, a bright pink pout and printed flats and you will sure hit a high fashion note.   
2: Who says white isn’t suitable for winters? Pair up this gorgeous rope design sweater by United Colors of Benetton with black crop pants and a bright printed scarf and create the perfect daytime look. If you are into the boho look, wear this sweater with a pair of printed flowy palazzo pants – definitely a looker!
3: Maroons and reds paired up with monochrome always looks incredibly fashionable. Pair up this rope design sweater with a pair of black and white striped pants and voila! 
4: Fringe is a noteworthy trend this season and there is nothing more timeless than a black sweater. Wear this funky sweater from Fifth Avenue on top of a white button down shirt. The collar should come on top of the sweater’s neckline and the sleeves should be rolled up such that white overlaps black.  
5: Grey sweaters are fun and versatile. Pair up this basic fuzzy sweater from Fifth Avenue with loose funky printed pants for a bohemian look and instantly life your outfit’ ante. 
6: Cut-out tops are incredibly sexy and tan sweaters are an absolute must-have – and if you get both in one, you’ll sure be dressed to kill. With so much going on in this sweater from Firdous itself, keep the rest of your ensemble simple – pair it up with a pair of black skinnies a bright bold red lip and black flats to complete the look.   

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dama Quinceanera Dresses

Are you invited at a quinceanera party and need a stunning and affordable quinceanera dress? Hit the sweetquinceaneradress.com for Dama Quinceanera Dresses. If you are not familiar what Dama Quinceanera is? Quinceanera is a birthday girl who turns fifteen and transforms into a princess! If you are invited to the court means your friend wants you to be a dama. Well story is simple, but you defiantly need a dress to attend Dama Quinceanera party which is not easily available at local market.
So today's post is a solution because I'm sharing a site where you can order various styles of dama quinceanera dresses that are elegant, cute and unique! With a Sweetquinceaneradress 15 dress, you will be proud of looking great and stunning all the other girls. Allow us help you discover a cheap and unique dama 15 dress for your upcoming quinceanera.

Latin trasition tell how girls were prepared to be married by the age of fifteen, in the year prior to their fifteenth birthday they were taught to cook and weave  Although it is agreed that the traditions of quinceañeras originated in ancient Aztec culture, the celebrations today vary significantly across countries; celebrations in some countries, for example, have taken on more religious overtones than in others

Sweetquinceaneradress.com carries a wide selection of Dama Quinceanera dresses that are shown in many magazines and on parties including dresses made by famous designers. From cheap and inexpensive Dama Quinceanera dresses to elegant evening gowns, they have all at one place. From an amazing selection they have a multitude of style that can be fit every shaped of body and cover all budget. They are expert to make dresses and every sized and colour.  Their aim to provide you best Dama Quinceanera dresses in affordable price. A most amazing part of shopping is Sweetquinceaneradress.com is every dress is carefully checked for any type of damages. Some collections are available to order other can be purchased immediately.
No matter what style you chose remember to stay true to yourself and your Dama Quinceanera dress will make you feel confident and look amazing on your Dama Quinceanera party.

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