Spring Fling Eyeshadow palette

My first ever experience with Nyx Cosmetics......

Fimo Canes Nail Art Sticks

Ever heard of Fimo Nail Art? It's a type of nail art design that uses polymer clay canes. They come in many cute fruit and flower designs...

Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Brush Kit

Importance of good quality makeup brushes is underestimated. Whether you love to apply makeup just yourself or starting your career as a makeup artist.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo Beg and Bronzerella

Prepare to look at blusher differently with illamasqua's innovative and reinvention of cult powder blusher formula is a new duo palette

OPI Nicki Minhaj Fly Nail Lacquer

Summer is coming up! The nail polish trend is changing from dark/glittery to bold, fun shades.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Champagne wedding dresses

Which colour of wedding dress to wear on a big day?? A big question come to every brides mind when she is preparing for the wedding. Choosing a wedding dress is quite tricky and  a dream of every girl because we get marry once in a life and everyone wants to become a pretties bride ever so there are so many things to consider when choosing a bridal dress. We all are different in body and skintone one dress look good on me might not look good on you. Here is in today's post I will guide you to choose your desired wedding dress in affordable price.
When it comes to wedding dress everyone wearing same plain white bridal dresses these days, but for delectable change one should try  the beautiful champagne dresses to wear on wedding. I myself going to wear champagne with red, but I also wont mind wearing just champagne colour wedding dress. Plain white sometimes feel very dull and simple sometimes when gold and champagne shade is highly appealing and can be combined with different stones and crystals. A champagne wedding dress is a symptom of elegance royalty among all coloured wedding dresses. Champagne wedding dress can be pair with gold or crystal jewellery. I'm sure it will make your big day very dedicated and memorable with its elegance.

So here are the list of my favourite dresses. Hope you like them. Along champagne dresses weddingshe own every tone of wedding dress including, silver, golden, white and offwhite. They intricately combined fabrics to provide consumer a most satisfaction with their order and provide a best wedding dress for their big day. A champagne dress can rock you big day. Here on weddingshe we can have many regal style champagne wedding dress in budget prices. If you look throw into it you will find many fairytale style dresses just under 250 usd when on local markets and store we get dresses in minimum 2000 usd which is way to high for people under budget. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Shopping experience with Yesfor.com

Yesfor.com has become a most reliable shopping website with most economical prices ever. I have made an order with yesfor.com 6 months back and was highly impressed with handbag quality so decided to made an order again and this time with some random goodies along some pieces of jewellery, hair piece, digital weight machine, eye lashes and massager.

SadeeStyle Review:
I have been wanting this hair piece for my wedding , but could not manage to get one from local stores. Every time I visit market to get long hair piece, but could not find the right one for me. Every piece I found was extremely low quality and some of them were in average quality was way over priced. However! I was looking around on random sites and found some spectacular pieces at yesfor.com and ordered just one to assure the quality and I was superbly surprised because as compared to its price quality was extremely high although these are not real human hair, but still quality is amazing. I'm in love with this hair piece and would love to buy some more.
I have ordered this facial massager machine which I had already, but my sister in law took it from me. I found this massager in great bargain and made an order with it.  I also ordered a beautiful green stone ring which is actually a plastic stone still it looks fine and those eye lashes are extremely pretty and good quality.
My package also contains digital waiting machine which was in very bargain price and I'm super amazed to see its quality and it works really best. Overall I had a happiest experience with yesfor.com twice would love to shop more. 

Sweater weather is better weather

As the temperatures are plummeting, it’s time for an inevitable wardrobe makeover. We all love those breezy chiffon tops and casual summertime tees but truth be told, the happiness we derive from those big cozy fuzzy sweaters is incomparable. We all wait anxiously all year long for this seasonal switch-up and once it’s here, there is just too much to do and too little time.

When it comes to winter wear sweaters are those versatile pieces of clothing that can be styled in some incredibly fun ways. Be it cashmere sweaters, cable knit sweaters, over-sized sweaters, turtlenecks, pullovers, cardigans or shawl collars, there is just so much you can do to look ultra-chic while epitomizing your snuggling pleasure. Our fashion analysts selected six of these must-have women’s sweaters from Daraz.pk and created six fashionable looks for you to follow. Here is what you can do:

1: Net sweaters are great during the early days of winter – it’s not insanely chilly at this time and nor is it warm.  After thoroughly dissecting all the runway trends this season, we rounded up navy blue as the colour of the season. That being said, pair up this super sexy blue woolen net sweater from United Colors of Benetton with white crop pants, a strappy black tank top, a bright pink pout and printed flats and you will sure hit a high fashion note.   
2: Who says white isn’t suitable for winters? Pair up this gorgeous rope design sweater by United Colors of Benetton with black crop pants and a bright printed scarf and create the perfect daytime look. If you are into the boho look, wear this sweater with a pair of printed flowy palazzo pants – definitely a looker!
3: Maroons and reds paired up with monochrome always looks incredibly fashionable. Pair up this rope design sweater with a pair of black and white striped pants and voila! 
4: Fringe is a noteworthy trend this season and there is nothing more timeless than a black sweater. Wear this funky sweater from Fifth Avenue on top of a white button down shirt. The collar should come on top of the sweater’s neckline and the sleeves should be rolled up such that white overlaps black.  
5: Grey sweaters are fun and versatile. Pair up this basic fuzzy sweater from Fifth Avenue with loose funky printed pants for a bohemian look and instantly life your outfit’ ante. 
6: Cut-out tops are incredibly sexy and tan sweaters are an absolute must-have – and if you get both in one, you’ll sure be dressed to kill. With so much going on in this sweater from Firdous itself, keep the rest of your ensemble simple – pair it up with a pair of black skinnies a bright bold red lip and black flats to complete the look.   

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dama Quinceanera Dresses

Are you invited at a quinceanera party and need a stunning and affordable quinceanera dress? Hit the sweetquinceaneradress.com for Dama Quinceanera Dresses. If you are not familiar what Dama Quinceanera is? Quinceanera is a birthday girl who turns fifteen and transforms into a princess! If you are invited to the court means your friend wants you to be a dama. Well story is simple, but you defiantly need a dress to attend Dama Quinceanera party which is not easily available at local market.
So today's post is a solution because I'm sharing a site where you can order various styles of dama quinceanera dresses that are elegant, cute and unique! With a Sweetquinceaneradress 15 dress, you will be proud of looking great and stunning all the other girls. Allow us help you discover a cheap and unique dama 15 dress for your upcoming quinceanera.

Latin trasition tell how girls were prepared to be married by the age of fifteen, in the year prior to their fifteenth birthday they were taught to cook and weave  Although it is agreed that the traditions of quincea├▒eras originated in ancient Aztec culture, the celebrations today vary significantly across countries; celebrations in some countries, for example, have taken on more religious overtones than in others

Sweetquinceaneradress.com carries a wide selection of Dama Quinceanera dresses that are shown in many magazines and on parties including dresses made by famous designers. From cheap and inexpensive Dama Quinceanera dresses to elegant evening gowns, they have all at one place. From an amazing selection they have a multitude of style that can be fit every shaped of body and cover all budget. They are expert to make dresses and every sized and colour.  Their aim to provide you best Dama Quinceanera dresses in affordable price. A most amazing part of shopping is Sweetquinceaneradress.com is every dress is carefully checked for any type of damages. Some collections are available to order other can be purchased immediately.
No matter what style you chose remember to stay true to yourself and your Dama Quinceanera dress will make you feel confident and look amazing on your Dama Quinceanera party.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

NYN Cosmetics - Shape Lipstick & Stay matte but not flat Face Powder

Well, Nyx cosmetics has always been around, but never heard of Nyn Cosmetics. I saw Nyn cosmetic range at Romwe it reminds me of nyx cosmetics at first glance. It actually a dupe of nyx. Quality appealed to me and price was affordable so I have made an order with two products to assure if quality is good so I can order more products from the range. There were many products and drooling range to choose from. It was hardest part two choose just two products as I was out of credit so after looking around I finally made an order with Nyn stay matte but not flat powder along Nyn shape lipstick in pink. Does it worth buying. Read with me to reveal!
NYN Cosmetics - Shape Lipstick & Stay matte but not flat Face Powder
NYN Cosmetics - Shape Lipstick & Stay matte but not flat Face Powder 
Nyn Stay Matte but not Flat Face Powder:
It was available in all three shades to choose from. Since I have a light skin tone.  I have picked the lighter one, which is called shade no 3, but its still a little darker for my skin. I was hoping it to give a pinkish coverage, but like Sweet touch face powder which I'm currently using it also gives tan finish which I really don't like and impressed with. I usually ignore and my advice is to not order face powders, concealers or foundations online because on screen and in professional pictures colour looks different from the reality and we end up wasting money with buying wrong shade. I have ordered many face powders until now still not successful to get the right shade according to my skintone. However, formula and quality of the product is amazing. It feels and look very professional and compact is really big with sponge and mirror inside which make it travel friendly. I have no complain with its quality and formula. The only thing bothered me is I'm failed to get the right shade according to my skin tone so I'm giving it away in blog sale. 
Stay matte but not flat Face Powder
Stay matte but not flat Face Powder NYN Cosmetics 
Stay matte but not flat Face Powder
Stay matte but not flat Face Powder by NYN Cosmetics

Stay matte but not flat Face Powder
Stay matte but not flat Face Powder  NYN Cosmetics
Shape Lipstick by NYN CosmeticsAfter surfing at least for half an hour on romwe website I finally discovered this pretty shade of pink, if you are a regular reader of sadeestyle blog you must have known that I'm a biggest fan of every shade of pink. From the start of the season I was looking something rosey pink to brighten up this winter. However, I have many pink lipstick shades in my stash, but this shade appealed to me more so I have made an order with this shade. It arrived with unique tube and push in button and colour is ultra pretty. I was impressed at first sight and amazingly it turned great on me, colour suited me perfect and formula is super creamy, smooth and soft. I love how pigmented formula they used to made this lipstick. I'm very impressed and wanted to order more lipstick shades, but unfortunately romwe have removed NYN cosmetics range from its site and I'm unable to find how can I order this brand because its tuned great on me and I could not find it any more.
Shape Lipstick by NYN Cosmetics
Shape Lipstick by NYN Cosmetics
Shape Lipstick by NYN Cosmetics
Shape Lipstick by NYN Cosmetics
SadeeStyle Verdict:
It has become a highly recommended brand by me. Ultra sleek and professional packaging, affordable price and great coverage. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Once Enduring Beauty by Illamasqua

Illamasqua Once range with all seven amazing products is enough to win someone's heart. Illamasqua released autumn collection once with all drooling products and defiantly Illamasqua will never disappoint with its packaging and this time they comes with the vintage metallix are like maybelline color tattoos provide a complete dense coverage with hint of shimmer. Honestly I was not very impressed when they arrived in a mail because they felt regular cream eyeshadows so I have kept them in my cupboard without even swatching or testing them. Yesterday I was free and decided to write a review on illamasqua once collection. I swatched them and was highly impressed or you can say surprised to see the smoothness and pigmentation of the texture even in winter they are not dried and glides smoothly. They look beautiful, easy to blend and dries really beautiful and shimmery.
Once Enduring Beauty by Illamasqua

Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Exquisite

My package contains a lipgloss in Exquisite. There were two shades available in illamasqua once collection I own the Exquisite which is basically a nude shade, but reflects more pink and can be wore alone or over lipstick to add a little glamour or to add a shimmer. Its consistency is quite good and thick which does not feel sticky and goppy on lips after setting on. You can compare it with smashbox lipglosses those I'm impressed with and love a lot. 

VINTAGE METALLIX in Courtier and Embellish by illamasqua
Illamasqua once swatches
SadeeStyle Review:
My first expression about illamasqua once collection was just ok because I'm not a very big fans of wearing lipglosses also vintage metallix eyeshadows were not very appealing in pots also in pots these were looking like a regular liquid eyeshadows. I'm not keen of wearing such cream eyeshadow until these are in gold or silver shade also its hard to deal with cream eyeshadows due to the mess it creates while applying it on and Its hard to blend cream eyeshadows with other shades after setting on. However, I have ignored them for many days, but I was very surprised to see how creamy and pigmented these eyeshadows were just in once swipe they covered the entire eyelid. I'm in love with its ultra smoot texture which dries smooth and streak free with shimmery shine on lid. These are ideal for using as a cream base or can be used alone. The three colours include a Embellish 'Bibelot' courtier. I have two shades at a moment embellish and courtier both are amazing colours and can be combined to make a perfect smokey eyelook.  Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Exquisite is really a pretty and natural nude shade with an amazing  and impressive formula which does not feel heavy and sticky on lips. Moreover there is not so much about Illamasqua once collection, but It's perfect suiting the season. Illamasqua again has not disappointed me and I'm very delighted to try them out.
Disclosure: The products featured in the review were provided for review purposes.. All opinions are honest and my own.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Foodpanda - Get delicious food delivered to your door in 4 simple steps.

Foodpanda.pk has been around on all over social media for quite a sometimes. You might have not heard of foodpanda before and how it works. Foodpanda founded in 2012 and is a global online food marketplace where people can discover, choose and order from widest range available from their famous city restaurants and can placed order from the mobile app. Foodpanda amazingly progressed in just two years and operating in 40 countries in five continents. They teamed up more than 800 people and partnered with more than 30,000 restaurants across the world with active service in 500 cities of the world. Foodpanda introduced their service in Pakistan lately. I have been wondering what is it, but after looking around I got to know about foodpanda that it is a food delivery service and collect your favourite food from the best restaurants of your city and deliver at your doorstep just in few steps. 

How it works?
It's really fun with ordering foodpanda app. Download the app foodpanda.pk, enter your postal code, choose a cuisine or restaurant, decide to pay online or cash and select from an unlimited number of dishes. The app even suggests you which restaurant is the nearest to you, and all that by just one click. After you just have to wait for your order to be delivered.
Foodpanda available countires:

Ordering online was never such convenient before ordering via foodpanda is very easy and fun just in four easy steps you can have your desired food at you doorstep. Moreover foodpanda makes it more convenient with its free foodpanda mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, allows you to order food online any time from anywhere. Whichever food you currently desire, they have the largest selection of restaurants for us to choose from when you are feeling lazy or not in mood to cook? Android A food delivering service is a solution for my all lovely ladies around.  A wonderful thing about foodpanda is we can pay cash on delivery time which makes it very safe and everyone can order without owning a credit cards in Pakistan.Foodpands service is currently available in nine cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Review

Boost your skincare programme with Elemis professional facial set at home. Elemis is an innovative British spa & skincare brand and recently introduced in Pakistan. I'm very excited and overwhelmed with its result so wanted to share my verdict with my ladies as soon as possible as I'm busy preparing for my wedding, but from my busy schedule I managed to get some time to share my review on this facial treatment that is very effective and results are really fast. I have started to see the results right after two weeks of using it. There are only two and half months left me to get married I had a spa treatment lately for the very first time in my life which turned worse on me and made my skin dull or rough and dry patches are more visible on my face. This was a biggest disappointment ever especially for brides to be now I was wanting a very mild skin treatment which work well on sensitive skin without making it dry and dull. However, I have been recently introduced with Elemis. Most of you might have not heard of this brand before like me. After a little research, I got to know that Elemis has been quite famous and most used skin and bodycare brand in England and america. Most of their products are many beauty award winning and very effective.
However, I'm reviewing Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence. A gift set designed for all types of skin. Elemis created this amazing set with all British botanical, experience active fragrance to relax, soothe and boost face, body and mind. It's a limited edition set  exclusively available at Elemis Pakistan it included four travel sized products along two award winning products.

Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Includes:
NEW Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath 60ml
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 20g
Gentle Rose Exfoliator 15ml
Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules x 14 caps
Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Review
Elemis Pure Rose Indulgence Review 

This exclusive gift set work in 4 steps.
Step 1: New Jasmine & Rose Milk Bath:
This beautifully infused with exotic aromatic oils of Egyptian jasmine and Turkish rose absolute that promote a sense of serenity and calm. Nourishing argan and camellia seed oil protect and moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and delicately fragranced. This mini milk bath comes in a 60ml tube which is enough for at least a month. Al thought I have only used it twice, but it is really soothing and refreshing for the skin.
New Jasmine & Rose Milk Bath
New Jasmine & Rose Milk Bath
Step 2: Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm:
This pro-collagen cleansing balm is probably a five beauty award winning product and designed to deep cleansing, remove makeup and nourishes for smooth glowing complexion. For an intensive treatment it advised soak in the bath with a warm cloth over face for 10 minutes, but I'm using it as a night cream and in the morning my extremely dry skin feel so soft and smooth and I can notice a healthy glow on my skin. It's amazingly 5 Beauty Award winning products. It helps cleansing skin and removing dry patches on skin.
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
Gentle Rose Exfoliator:
Quick and very effective, specially designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin. The gentle gel exfoliator contains hydrating absolute of rose, soothing cucumber and micro spherical jojoba beads that leaves skin silky-soft and moisturised. my face felt so fresh and hydrated refreshing after first wash. That feeling was something special and unique i have never felt so clean before with any product ever
Gentle Rose Exfoliator 15ml
Gentle Rose Exfoliator 15ml

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules x 14 caps:
A best thing i found in package was these capsules. These are available in two colours pink and green. Day and night skin detoxing capsule help boost elasticity and balance stressed skin, for more youthful glow. Apply the contents of one pink, rose capsule in the morning and one green, lavender capsule at night. These wonderful capsules are very effective on skin and my face felt very fresh and glowing in the morning.
Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules
SadeeStyle Verdict: 
Overall I'm very satisfied with its result. All products are effective and very mild on skin. Even though my skin is ultra sensitive, but it did not bother me at all. It won my heart and I'm very pleased to have this set. I started to see the great improvement in my skin after using it for at least two weeks. It become a most trust able brand and own many award-winning products and offer exceptional quality and value. This super stylish box is ideal for gift and mini products are perfect in traveling. Visit Elemis Pakistan for more detail. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Formal Dresses

We are running up a dresses series this week so today's post is on Formal Dresses. I have picked a topic after long time thought because everyone sharing about wedding, party and prom dresses while one can not ignore the importance of formal dresses. So here I'm sharing pickpromdresses A site selling high quality fabric across the world in most economical prices ever. If you look deep into the site you will see an astonished range of formal dresses. pickpromdresses.com is a site sell large range of fashion gown and dresses. A site almost flooded with glamorous yet classy dresses range and amazingly in most affordable price. I was surprised and highly impressed with their collection. Their colour, selection and fabric everything i found so perfect. They have lot of designs to choose from those can be ordered in every colour and size according to your taste. It's very hard to choose just one dress among the range. Although I like all dresses, but loving the both black dresses. However, sharing few of them hope you enjoy my selection. which one is your favourite?
Well in this list I like the black and blue dress, both are dark in colour and very gracefully stitched. a when last black and rosy pink dress impressed me with its extra long flair.Black goes perfectly well with rosy pink.

Black dress in this list is very elegant no doubt, but both blues are perfect in cut and flair. All four dresses are perfect for formal choice.

I'm a huge fan of all shades of red but china red is my all time favourite. I like the red silk dress. It's flair and fabric both are too dye for. however the red at second last is perfect in cut and gives a Greek look. Such dresses could not purchased from local markets.

Royal blue is a colour of elegance. I could not stop myself to stare them. Both dresses are very elegant and classy.
What is Formal Dress?
Feel fabulous in formal dresses Trinidad and Tobago or designer formal dresses from the collection here at Pickpromdresses. You will find formal gowns in a variety of styles and many colors. There are high-low dresses and long elegant evening dresses with sexy asymmetrical hemlines in solid colors and gorgeous prints. Select a shimmering black formal dresses, you are sure to be the princess of the ball at your formal occasion.
I'm very happy to visit the site and would highly recommended to my all fans to visit the site and choose their desire dress and they can made a dress according to your size and perfect colour.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Prom Dresses

Hello everyone, I'm finally back after having a long break. I have been starting a dress sharing series on my blog this week so many online dresses posts would be up this week I'm kind of obsessed with Prom Dresses I recently saw at pickpromdresses.com. You have seen me sharing many outfits shops lately. It's because my wedding is not too far and i'm preparing my dresses and dress for after wearing. Not only for me but dresses of the ladies of my whole family has been arranged by me. so i spend most of my time looking for best prom and party dresses and often share with my lovely fans.
So Today, I'm here with all new sites and with all amazing new designs. Many things to consider when we shop online, but the first thing came mind is quality of fabric and reasonable price and both things we can have on one lace and its pickpromdresses.com. A site deals in fairytale and dream dresses made with the finest material ever. Fabric flow and flairs are amazing and i was astonished to see the reasonable price. Every dress is pretty and unique in style and most amazing thing is it can be made in every size, shape and colour. These days, lace fabric is very much in fashion, but no one can deny the importance of chiffon is silk. you can have many designs at one place. so shop now.
What are prom dresses?
If you want to grace your look on any occasion, then a designer prom dresses may worth your attention. All the prom dresses in Trinidad and Tobago here are made from the great textiles to bring out female charming that you want to show off the entire party. The cheap prom dresses of Pickpromdresses also come in a variety of styles so that you can easily find out the right prom dress and use it to reflect your personality.

Friday, 7 November 2014

latest fashion style cocktail dresses by weddingshe

If you have remembered I have already posted about weddingshe http://www.weddingshe.com/  lately, but my previous post was about their vintage bridal dresses range. The thing tempted me to make a new post was their latest fashion style cocktail dresses so finally made a new post because I just was not impressed with their vintage bridal collection but their latest fashion style of cocktail dresses are amazing. I'm sharing few of them from the list of my favourite dresses. hope you enjoy them.
latest fashion style cocktail dresses range starts from 130 dollar which is I guess quite reasonable price for cocktail dress. for those who is not aware what cocktail dresses are, these are cocktail dress or gown women  can be worn on cocktail parties or semi-formal parties, but such dresses are not often can be bought from local stores when weddingshe is a site selling huge range and selection of cocktail dress to choose from. All you have to visit the site and choose your desired dress and they can make a same dress in any colour and size of your choice in very reasonable price and wonderful thing is they deliver worldwide. They also offer a 5 dollar free for registering on their website. I'm sharing some dress those I like but you have many more dressed of your choice. http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Cocktail-Dresses-2015-15589/

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

MemeBox Global # 14 Review

This gorgeous memebox surprised me which its drooling cosmetics and skincare range. If you have remembered I have already wrote a review with memebox makeup edition long back. It was quite beautiful box though, but new memebox global edition is such a perk. It was quite big in size when arrived and felt very heavy when I hold it. I was very excited and opened it immediately I was amazed and very pleased to see the huge range of exciting products. it comes with almost all kind of care packages for skin, foot and hand, nail, hair and many cosmetic products. 

Products came in a box are:
  1. Kocostar 4 Package Set.
  2. Sally's box 4 Set Love Recipe Apple Mask.
  3. Shower mate perfume de whip body wash.
  4. Sua Young Mineral Essence in Liquid Foundation SPF33.
  5. a:t fox Fantasy Holc Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil 1ea.
  6. VOV Good-Bye Black Smudge Water Proof Mascara.
  7. Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence. (Recipe by Nature)
  8. Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil. 

MemeBox Global # 14
MemeBox Global # 14
Kocostar 4 package set (Ggongi hair pack 10ea, face spot mirror patch, finger nail pack, foot pealing pack)
Kocostar 4 package set (Ggongi hair pack 10ea, face spot mirror patch, finger nail pack, foot pealing pack)
Kocostar 4 package set (Ggongi hair pack 10ea, face spot mirror patch, finger nail pack, foot pealing pack)
Kocostar 4 package set (Ggongi hair pack 10ea, face spot mirror patch, finger nail pack, foot pealing pack)
Face spot mirror patch
face spot mirror patch
Face spot mirror patch
Let me start with my favourite product among all of them. Being a bride to be in February. I have been wanted many beauty and skincare products to pamper my skin. This exciting global package came with wonderful kocostar body care products. This ultimate sets of body care packs for treating your hair, nail, feet and face easily in no time at all! There are around one pack of foot peeling pack, 5 nail fingers pack and one hair pack along face spot mirror patch which works to treat skin blemishes and spots on the face. A unique feature of this spot patch is that there's a small mirror included in its packaging for your convenience when applying the product. This unique spot soothing control patches claim to remove all kinds of spots from the face and instructed to use patches on spots for at least 10 hours. I recently noticed a brown spot on my face and wanted to get a rid of it as soon as possible. I'm using these spot removing patches on my face from the last 6 days, but nothing happened until now. However, I will full pack to assure if its really work.
Sally's box 4 Set Love Recipe Apple Mask.
Sally's box 4 Set Love Recipe Apple Mask.
Sally's box 4 Set Love Recipe Apple Mask.
Sally's box 4 Set Love Recipe Apple Mask.
Well, This package is really love came up with 4 sets of masks. A love recipe apple mask is enriched with abundant apple extract for soothing and balancing out rough skin texture and delivering moisture and nutrition into the skin. The 3 Delight Hydrogel masks are made from the ''garden complex'' containing more than 10 herbal ingredients from mother nature and each work to deeply hydrate, firmly up, and relieve coarse, thirsty skin. I have only used love recipe apple mask until now and felt very refreshing entire day and in the next morning my face was glowing. im very happy and excited to try out the rest masks.

How to use:
Place a mask over your face and rest for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance.
Shower matte Perfume de whip body wash
I have got two tubes in my box both has their own charm and fragrance but I like the pure white blossom over red fantasy. It claim to wash your body and works to gently cleanse your body with whip cream like bubbles and at the same time infuses your skin with its extremely sweet fragrance.
Both showers creams are amazing, very refreshing and light.
Sua Young Mineral Essence in Liquid Foundation SPF33.
Sua Young Mineral Essence in Liquid Foundation SPF33.
If you have ever used BB cream before you must have known that BB creams are bit heavy in texture and feel quite heavy on skin while CC creams are very light and infective for covering up skin imperfections. SUA YOUNG famous mein liqiud foundation is designed for medium coverage and its mineral oil free, paraben free does not contain alcohol and artificial fragrance. it only contains organic ingredients and works to protect and deliver nutrition into the skin. I have used it and found it very light in weight but coverage is amazing. It's shine free, control oil and does not feel sticky. 
a:t fox Fantasy Holc Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil 1ea.
This wonderful pencil is a love, comes in a three brilliant shades. my box contain my favourite peach colour. its a 2 in 1 item can be used to radiance to your lips and cheeks. i never thought it would be as soft and creamy. its very cute and exrta small in size i don't think im going to use it on my cheeks. i would rather use it over my lips.

VOV Good-Bye Black Smudge Water Proof Mascara.
VOV Good-Bye Black Smudge Water Proof Mascara.
This lovely pink tube came in a box. I was very happy and surprised with its packaging and quality. It comes with unique straight triangular shaped brush for getting right up to the roots of the lashes. I found it quit good, but its very hard to remove it. I have used makeup remover and olive oil on lashes still It took me at least two days to remove it completely I'm very afraid of re-applying.
Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence. (Recipe by Nature)
It's a thing it was a single thing i was never surprised with at first glance. it may sound silly, but at first i thought it's a fragrance of perfume when its arrived in box when its clearly says on a bottle its a vita capsule. However, i later realised this vitamin essence is literately packed full of numerous vitamin capsules that will deliver deep nourishment to your skin, balancing out the oil/moisture level. brightening darkened skin tones and evening out rough skin texture for a much smoother, silkier complexion.

Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil.
Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil.
Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil.
Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner Auto Pencil.
This lovely box also contains a sophisticated point eye makeup with beauty peaple's gel liner pencils that come in 3 delicate pearl shades- coral, bronze and brown. It can be used as both a liner and a shadow. I love this amazing pencil. one can not ignore the lovely image over it. it smoothly glides on eye. most amazing thing about this pencil is its designed with sharpener attached on the other end for convenience.

I'm overwhelmed and super happy with MemeBox Global # 14. It comes with all amazing products. not even a single products disappointed me. I'm very surprised that every product came in full sized and very effective. I always adore the lovely packaging by Asian cosmetics. This memebox was a fun and I'm enjoying my package. It's highly recommended by SadeeStyle blog and its probably a best subscribed box ever. Visit Memebox for subscription or you may use this coupon while subscribing JNHSND to get discount of $5 off on any order for your subscribers.


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