Spring Fling Eyeshadow palette

My first ever experience with Nyx Cosmetics......

Fimo Canes Nail Art Sticks

Ever heard of Fimo Nail Art? It's a type of nail art design that uses polymer clay canes. They come in many cute fruit and flower designs...

Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Brush Kit

Importance of good quality makeup brushes is underestimated. Whether you love to apply makeup just yourself or starting your career as a makeup artist.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo Beg and Bronzerella

Prepare to look at blusher differently with illamasqua's innovative and reinvention of cult powder blusher formula is a new duo palette

OPI Nicki Minhaj Fly Nail Lacquer

Summer is coming up! The nail polish trend is changing from dark/glittery to bold, fun shades.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Men’s Shirts Buying Guide

This men’s shirts buying guide realizes the fact that men shirts play different roles in different situations. For example when paired with a coat or jacket, it brings out the ultimate gentlemen look, while pairing it simply with a trouser or jeans enhances the hip and cool feel of a man. At professional level, men’s shirt can be used to impart an expert and proficient look, whereas these shirts when worn sleeves up and unbuttoned on the top can bring out the manly attitude used to impress women. Hence shirts for men are the definitive personality enhancers and through choosing the right type of shirts for the right occasion, a solid impact of any man can be guaranteed on the surrounding environment.
Men shirts are available in different types, shapes, colors, sizes and fits and can be chosen based on personal preference and what suits a particular personality type. To aid men in finding the perfect men’s shirts to wear on professional and personal occasions, here the men’s shirts buying guide will explain what to look for whenever you are out shopping for shirts that enhance your masculinity.

Button down shirts
Button down shirts are perfect for a semi formal look and is a must have type in any man’s wardrobe. Here are some tips on buying the perfect button down shirt for yourself.
  1. Pay close attention on the fitting of your shirt when you buy it.
  2. Choose a fabric that is breathable and light.
  3. Narrow your search through deciding on the style of shirt you are looking for.
  4. Check the length of the shirt, as it affects the whole look.
  5. Check the button and collar placement, sometimes a good looking shirt with these defects can ruin the entire look
Dress Shirts
Buying dress shirts follow the same rule as in any other shirt buying procedure however since a lot of variations is seen in dress shirts today, deciding on the exact type you want is essential to narrow down your shirt.
  1. Evaluate the type of shirt you are shopping for based on the occasion it will be worn at.
  2. Select the fabric type, cotton, mixed, silk, etc.
  3. Choose the style you want, Oxford, Poplin, Herringbone, Broadcloth, pinpoint, Seersucker, etc.
  4. Select the collar type point, button down, club, mandarin, pin, etc
  5. Select cuff style single/double barrel, single/double French, etc
  6. Select pattern and color.
Polo Shirts
Polo shirts or originally tennis shirts are a must have for every man, today offers the largest category of shirts in the apparel category besides T-shirts. When buying a polo shirt, men can choose from a wide fabric variety including blended, 100% cotton and jersey knit polo shirts.
Polo Shirts Price in Pakistan from Rs.450 to Rs.1200 based on product quality. Polo shirts can be chosen based on the body type of the wearer as different cuts, styles and brands offer polo shirts that fit body types including
  • for tall and skinny men with cropped sleeves and bottoms
  • For big and average armed men with loose sleeves to hug their muscles
  • For long, athletic men with slightly longer shirt and sleeve size for perfect fit
  • For short and athletic men with loose sleeves and short length
  • For tall, dad bod type with broader waist and sleeves
  • For average muscular body for perfect fits
  • For all around average medium fitting     
  • For tall and husky with more neck room
Sweat Shirts
Sweatshirts are popular types of men shirts belonging to the casual category. To buy the perfect sweatshirt men can decide on the type they prefer. The different type of sweat shirts to choose from include
  • Pullover
  • Athletic
  • Hoodie
Further on men can check the following to ensure selecting the right kind of sweatshirt.
  • Warmth
  • Breath ability
  • Style
  • Fit
  • T-Shirts are by far  the most popular men shirt type and the best way to buy them is to consider their Fir
  • Tightness
  • Size
  • Shoulder seams
  • Sleeves
  • Length
  • Shape
  • Collar/neckline
  • Material  and Design
If you are looking for quality shirts and t-shirts in Pakistan then you should visit PakStyle.pk which is a growing website for Online Shopping in Pakistan where you can not only Buy but you can also sell your products at a reliable yet common online shopping platform. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Bridesmaid dresses are fun to buy!

Are you searching for a best bridesmaid dress in a budget? and tired of searching on many stores in your area? Today I'm here with a solution that will help you to buy a desired bridemaid dress under 50 pounds. Promtimes has been around for quit sometimes and get my attention while searching for cheap bridesmaid dresses. A site impressed me due to its lowest price ever and dresses are available in various styles and various colors. just in 50 euros. There are huge collection of 113 stylish bridesmaid dresses to choose from according to your taste and latest fashion.I'm sharing few of my favorite dresses hope you like them 
There is a huge range of modern style bridesmaid dresses. Al thought i have not order any dress from the website but they claim to stitch dresses upon costumers desire. They strive to provide you a best costumer service and use high quality fabric to make all kind of dress. They are famous to stitch dress for every kind of body shape.
In the images above you can see all dresses are in dark colors. A trend of wearing dark dress is back again. A girls with extra weight can look slim when wearing dark shades of the dress. So i my self will prefer wearing dark bridesmaid dresses to look slim and tall

Here you can see some ultra bright and shiny bridesmaid dresses. Its called a satin silk fabric. In my personal opinion satin silk dress look more regal and appealing than any other dress.
Well I'm very impressed with the lovely range of the beautiful latest bridesmaid dress. 
Promtimes also deals in cocktail dresses, evening dresses and wedding dresses and amazingly bridesmaid dresses are upto 70% off and offering free shipping over 200 pounds 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Steam Cream Review and Opinion

A fun way to pamper your skin with steam cream comes with a unique and inspired tins to spice things up. A fresh and a delicate concept to take care skin of hand and body with all natural ingredients. Freshly handmade creams are made with natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. Although there are many Inspired tins available at their online store but stock is limited. However, I do not remembered the design number but I have got the floral blue tin which is so pretty.
Steam Cream Review and Opinion
Steam Cream Review and Opinion
Steam Cream Review and Opinion
Steam Cream Review and Opinion
SadeeStyle Verdict.I got a chance to tryout an award winning product. I was bit confused but excited. Steam Cream claimed to be made in England and Japan it a Pure natural hand made product with traceable ingredient. It can be seen in  the images above that cream is more like a lotion. It's sheer, smooth and velvety texture. Smell is not very appealing as they have not included any kind of artificial fragrance and perfume in it. It feels so light and fresh and absorb into skin quickly with leaving oily sensation. It gives quite moisture to dry skin and i usually use it before makeup and it left skin smooth soothing and very moisturizing. Overall I had a good experience with steam cream. However, I found price bit too high for the quantity.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice (A Best Blusher Palette for Pink lovers)

I have had many pending reviews in my list since I have got married back in February. I have bought many cosmetics and beauty products for my wedding but literately remained so busy the entire time and could not get a time to review them. However, I'm finally back in my previous routine so picked up this lovely blusher palette for the review which I purchased from just4girls.pk. Probably a first ever experience with just4girl.pk site.
However, I was looking for a blusher palette with more pinkish shades for after wedding use as I'm not a big fan of wearing bronze and brown shades on cheeks. I always adore and prefer cute pink cheeks over dark and brownish shades so my main concern was to get something more on pinkish tone and Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice luckily sorted out my requirement so I made an order with it. This marvelous Sugar and Spice palette comes with the tag of Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution was a new name for me. It's actually a London based brand and sell products in super affordable prices ever which tended me to tryout their range! This beautiful palette is called Ultra professional palette Sugar & Spice comes with multiple pink shades along with two light nude shades those blend light pink double highlighters
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice (Swatches)
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice (Swatches)
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice (Swatches)
Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Blusher Palette -Sugar and Spice (Swatches)
SadeeStyle Verdict:
This one is probably my first purchase by makeup revolution and I'm highly impressed with the quality and the texture of the blushers, material of compact is strong, sturdy and amazing. An exciting collection of 8 shades comes in a beautiful and sleek compact. Honestly I have never assumed it to be as much professional and high quality due to its very low price but it appealed me due to its vibrant range of all pink shades and I was already looking for pink blusher palette so immediately made an order with this lovely sugar and spice palette. I'm more than happy because it did not fail me  Sugar and Spice palette comes with six amazing matte shades and two highlighters. I love the ultra soft and velvety texture of the blushers. All blusher are highly pigmented and blend smoothly on cheeks like a cream blushers. Although all blushers comes with matte consistency but still does not feel chalky or powdery and little goes way long up to 6 hours without fading. Sugar and Spice come with two light nude shades those leaves soft pinkish nude effect after blending them on. I love this palette and using it from the last 7 months. I don't forget to keep it with me while traveling to my mom's place. It is a travel friendly and sleek enough to keep in my handbag without taking too much space. A perfect combination of eight brilliant shades and a must have palette.

  • Amazing velvety texture and highly pigmented.
  • A dream of pink lovers.
  • A combination of few nude, pink and highlighter.
  • Great quality of Product.
  • Super Affordable.
  • Strong and Sturdy compact which feels professional.
  • Easily Blend able.
  • Creamy, soft and smooth application.
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Amazing Payoff.
  • Cruelty free.
  • There is nothing bad I can point out about this lovely palette.
Ratting and Recommendation:
A gorgeous palette delivers sheer and silky color that lasts for so long. I'm happy and recommend it to girls who keep traveling like me. Its a mix batch of matte blushers and highlighter and can be used for different purpose and on occasions.
Price and Availability:
1550 Rupees and available on all online stores across Pakistan and Worldwide. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Latest Lingerie Trends

This time of year there's always a lot of focus on various outfitting elements specific to the cooling weather: we'll see new jackets and coats, stylish accessories meant for warmth, and of course, all the fall footwear we can possibly handle. But sometimes it's nice to take the time to focus on what's underneath it all as well, which is why I wanted to devote this space to some delightful lingerie trends that have cropped up lately. Enjoy!

Artistically Designed Cups
Laces, ribbons, patterns, colorful designs, and a variety of other frills and enhancements are pretty standard for bra cups, but in a lot of the exhibitions on recent lingerie trends, we're seeing cups with a little bit more to them. This Pinterest board highlights some truly gorgeous examples, with the prevailing theme being artistic, textured designs stitched onto the cups. It's a nice twist, as designers seem to be adorning classic garments rather than trying to come up with more different ways to cut fabrics to do something new!

One-Piece Bodysuits
This is one popular trend heading into the fall that I just can't get enough of. I first became aware of the style's emergence at Lyst's lingerie page, which showcased a few selections topped off by a beautifully simple grey bodysuit with a deep neck and tiny sleeves. Although, there were also some more adventurous options. Basically, this concept is the bedroom version of the increased popularity of one-piece bathing suits seen during the summer.

Sheer & Pastel Shades
The Lingerie Addict pointed to pastels in its exposé on lingerie trends for the spring and summer seasons that we've just gotten through, but hey, I for one am carrying them with me into the fall and winter! Am I the only one who gets kind of tired of the idea that fall and winter clothing can only come in dark tones or sharply defined colors? I personally love the idea of a few sheer, pastel nightgowns or babydolls to lighten the mood in the comfort of indoor heating.

Emphasis On Comfort
In case you missed it, The New York Times ran a piece earlier this year suggesting that the thong was on its way out, as younger generations of women opt for comfort rather than perceived sex appeal. I'd still say getting rid of thongs altogether can actually be kind of inconvenient and is an idea for each woman to address independently. However, the larger concept of putting comfort first does seem to be gaining steam. A lot of more supportive, comfortable pieces are being emphasized in lingerie collections, and this is definitely something to embrace.
That's it for me! What's your take on the latest lingerie?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Online Shopping Trend in Pakistan

A trend of shopping online in Pakistan has become so viral lately. Every one of us has become so busy in our life and believes in shopping online sitting at our homes instead of visiting super markets over little things. I love and adore buying things online because It is not just save our precious time but also helps us in searching desired products in our budget.
Every day a new online shopping sites in Pakistan comes in a field but all we have to choose the right one. There are so many things to consider when shopping online. First things which comes in a mind while shopping online is a best price of the product which we are buying because if merchant gives customers the best price and a flexibility to browse desired product in their budget then consumer will gladly order it.

PakStyle.pk offers a variety of electronic products including many household things. They strive to provide their consumer a best online shopping experience and offering a huge range of beauty and fashion products including makeup, fashion apparel, leather bags, jewelry and many more. I adore and like Pakstyle.com because it's not a site just selling women's fashion accessories but also contains a huge range of men's products including children's wear and accessories.
For me Pakstyle.pk is a  one-stop solution to all your fashion needs.and best portal combined many products just in one click. They are surprisingly offering free standard shipping nationwide on every purchase and also offering free cash on delivery service for the customer does not own credit or debit card. Pakstyle.pk is a first Pakistani site offering products in bundle to give buyers a best deal with most beneficial discount.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick (A best orange lipstick for lighter skintone)

Like a blooming flowers in a garden ArtDeco shade 435 blossom is here to brighten up your spring season. As summer has passed away and spring is finally knocking the door, regardless of the time of season of our life to wear something which makes us delightful and bring colors to our dull, busy and bored life.
I adore orange and coral shades in lipsticks, coral is my second love after red lipstick and spring is a perfect season for wearing such vibrant shades. When trying out orange lipstick shades I had a wonderful experience with Illamasqua lip liquid Exotic was a perfect orange lipstick shade. Although I was completely satisfied with Illamasqua lip liquid but I could not resist myself to buying Artdeco shade 435 ever since I saw it on Artdeco stand due to its marvelous packaging which definitely gives it a full marks.
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick (Swatch)
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
ArtDeco High Performance Lipstick
SadeeStyle Verdict:
Nothing can compete with Artdeco's amazing and mouth watering packaging which make it professional yet classy and easily can be compared with any high end brand of lipsticks. I usually do not fell for super expensive high end brands cosmetics which kill your bank but Artdeco lipstick tempted me to go for it in first glace. A marvelous lipstick came in a strong and sturdy metal tube, you can clearly see the Artdeco carved on the lipstick which is an eye catching attempt to attract and impress consumer. I'm a huge fan of a cute and amazing packaging of cosmetics and artdeco never failed me with its extra ordinary packaging and quality. Not just their lipsticks range is beautiful but every product of their range is highly professional. I love and instantly impressed with the soft consistency of the lipstick which glides smoothly on the lips and color is perfect for spring and summer season. It smell normal and color payoff is amazing. I somehow feel that it will suit more on a girl with light skin tone due to its sharpness in color. However, I'm a one with fair skin tone so suited me better but I would recommend girls with dusky or dark skin tone to go with darker and subtle shades for perfect coverage. Although I can be wore in any season but I found spring and summer more suitable for wearing such vibrant shades.

Professional packaging.
Impressive payoff.
Beautiful color.
Not easily available on stores.
Color is bright and not suitable for dusky skin tone.
Ratting and Recommendation:
I'm really happy with the color I have picked would definitely recommend all coral/orange color to go for this.
Price and Availability:
For Price inquiry please visit near stand of ArtDeco Official Facebook Page.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Latest style of wedding dresses

My hunt for searching best wedding dress will never end until I got something to look fabulous and fantastic to wear on biggest day of once life. Al thought there are so many different styles of wedding dresses to choose from which come in many beautiful colors for your big day to make day special and memorable but here I am introducing something different and will guide consumers to buy latest style of wedding dress according to their taste which come to their budget.

I love how landybridal categorized the dresses according to new style of fashion. So in this post we will disuse about new fashion and dresses for latest style of wedding parties. It's a hardest thing for girls to buy perfect dresses for girls to wear on their wedding. Landybridal have a huge range of different kind of dresses to their range in very affordable price. If we talk about cheap lace wedding dresses we have huge range here on landybridal. Fashion of wearing lace dresses will never end but lace is again in fashion in 2015. I will prefer visiting the link above to find out the perfect piece of your desire.
And if we talk about lace mermaid wedding dresses? All are to die for. Mermaid is already a dream of many girls since childhood. Who will not love wearing mermaid style wedding dresses for their big day? It also has been called fish tail or fish style gown. Landybridal own a huge range of lace mermaid dresses in their list in very affordable price.

Currently landybridal, An ideal site for buying wedding attire online is offering free shipping to US, Canada, Uk, AU and NZ. Happy Shopping

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ivory Shade Wedding Dresses

Well today's post is for ladies are bored of random plain white wedding gowns and willing to tryout new shades for their wedding ceremonies. Al thought there are several shades to wear on wedding, but white is a most traditional dress for wedding. According to new trend of 2015 Ivory is a shade of love and glamour. Everyone these day preferring ivory over plain white wedding dress. Ivory is hot glamorous and looks modern yet classy and make you big day unique and very beautiful. Ivory is a soft neutral color that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light brown. It could be a new and beautiful change in wedding style. Please have a look at the picture below for further assistance. 
I was just looking for a unique wedding dress for my friend who is bride to be soon in coming winters. like every other girl in the world she just required a unique and different kind of wedding attire for her big day to which look stylish and regal at a same time. I have already shared about weddingshe.com known as a famous site make high quality wedding attires in cheap prices. I have already shared my opinion about the site but today I found out they also deal in ivory shade of wedding attire those look regal and very graceful due to their long flairs. Ivory wedding dresses of weddingshe are beautiful and worth of thousands of dollars. It fit perfect and can be made according to your size and color also fits your budget. 

Well I'm also sharing some newly added things at site which are wedding umbrellas http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Wedding-Umbrella-113581/. I stumped upon the site and hooked with the range. Here we have so many color full lace umbrellas to make your wedding look really beautiful and memorable 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Stop buying from resellers! Come discover the REAL china.

Taobao.com is not yet well known in the world. It is however part of the Chinese group, founded in 1999, Alibaba Group. It is the largest online retail site in China with 370 million users with accounts in late 2010 and offering more than 800 million articles currently online.
Taobao is differentiated from its competitors by its service offering with no minimum purchase and no obligation to buy several items: the price of bulk purchases for a single purchase.
But what makes her especially attractive is that it is everything, everything and more! All you can wish, taobao offers you.

Taobao is a real cavern of Alibaba online. You will discover a huge selection of products directly imported from China with always the product quality and this in all categories of high-tech equipment, fashion articles, or amazing chic jewelry or fun, efficient sports equipment, but also genuine creative products handmade and unusual items that can not be found elsewhere than on Taobao ... ... all these items are always affordable or even up to a quarter of the price of what we have in regular stores. Prices are so small and sales margins so low that the site seems to make gifts.
A doubt about a purchase? No problem ! All that is offered on the site appears in several photos, enlarged, with the details. There is a precise description, weight, size of the object, its composition ... . It's no surprise, so you know exactly what you are buying.
The offer is so large and attractive it will not be surprising to spend hours be logged in to buy a sweater and end up in his basket a complete wardrobe, and this for the same price because you can always find Taobao.com on the cheaper price than in any other market places it's perfect for wholesale
7jo with Taobao offers shopping service in French, English and Chinese. You choose the language of the transaction. Also with 7jo.com you ensure the security of your online purchases and quality control before shipment.
So no more hesitation, connect and come walk on taobao with 7jo, find your happiness and more at any time of day or night. No word or article can describe what you find, go there! You'll be able to do without this site and you'll wonder how you lived up to date without the biggest supermarket in the world of the Internet!

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