Spring Fling Eyeshadow palette

My first ever experience with Nyx Cosmetics......

Fimo Canes Nail Art Sticks

Ever heard of Fimo Nail Art? It's a type of nail art design that uses polymer clay canes. They come in many cute fruit and flower designs...

Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Brush Kit

Importance of good quality makeup brushes is underestimated. Whether you love to apply makeup just yourself or starting your career as a makeup artist.

Illamasqua Powder Blusher Duo Beg and Bronzerella

Prepare to look at blusher differently with illamasqua's innovative and reinvention of cult powder blusher formula is a new duo palette

OPI Nicki Minhaj Fly Nail Lacquer

Summer is coming up! The nail polish trend is changing from dark/glittery to bold, fun shades.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair.

Flat Iron Experts had been around from quite so long and unfortunately shut their site down for some reason. I however, got corioliss hair straighter from flat iron expert site about couple of years back and found it amazing with its brilliant performance.

Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair.
Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair.
Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair.
Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair.
Corioliss straightener for shiny and perfect straight hair
This beautiful straightener came in a wonderful packaging and give perfect results. It's smooth and silky ceramic surface help straightening hair without tangling it and polish them to make very shiny and smooth. It was available in many different designs but I got the zebra pattern iron which look flattering. It comes with ceramic plates to protect hair while straightening them. I like the sleek and light weight design of corioliss straightener which make it very convenient to perfect straight hair.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A best red nail polish available in Pakistan- Flormar nail enamel

A trend of wearing red nail polish will never fade. I'ts a time consming effort to find a perfect red nail polish and lipstick shade to match your skin tone. Everyone has a different taste and skin colour so a red shade suit me perfect might not look good on you but I'm sharing my best red nail polish shade which is easily available in local market in most afforcable price tag of rupees two hundred and results can be matched with any high end brand nail polishes available in thousands of rupees.
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar nail enamel (Bordeaux Scream 128)
Flormar is a turkish brand. There are hundreds of colors to choose from. I've never know it will turn that great on me when I've bought it from super market. I had been a huge fan of  OPI Nail Lacquer and loved the ultra shiny finish of opi nail polishes but a thing detained me from buying more Opi's is its sky high prices. I can get 5 flormar shades in same amount of rupees I get just one OPI. If I compare Opi with flormar i would happiliy admit that flormar has an amazing glossy finish without any top or base coat and it doesn't dry too early like OPI. I have this from last year it doesn't dried up neither feel thick or goppy. I would love to grap few more shades. 
However, It's a Bordeaus Scream Shade no 128. I've a fair skintone this shade suit me perfect. I'm sharing few images above. Hope you like them!
Do you like wearing daring nail polish shades like hot red? Please share you views and ideas.

Shopping experience with Mygerrys

I've spotted a new online selling site lately while scrolling online. Since online shopping has become a trend these days and growing quickly in Pakistan. Many of us love to shop online because its just not save time but also help to avail wonderful discount offers right on time. Although many online sites are floating around to provide best service to their consumers, all you have to find the right one. I've recently made an order with mygerrys.com. A site selling huge range of beauty and fashion products along with gadgets, electronics and many house hold things including home appliances. First off I was amazed to see the cosmetics range available on their website. I love how the catorized every products in different catagories. They are currently offering a huge discount on their cosmetics range so I've grabbed some products from the range. However, I've made an order with rimmel london match perfection foundation and daily defence argon and morocco oil shampoo.

SadeeStyle Verdict:
My package came right on time, both of the product were carefully wrapped. I admire how they wrapped bottles in bubble wrapper and sealed them with plastic tape to protect them to get damaged and leaked out. An amazing thing about mygerry is its amazing, neat and clean layout which can be compared with any professional online selling site its very professional and make shopping experience very convenient for new consumers. They strive to provide hundred percent genuine products on best bargain prices with lowest delivery charges ever also offer cash on delivery service for those can't pay via easy paisa or bank transfer. I've choosen three to five days delivery option while ordering them but most amazingly my order came right after two days.
They have placed best images on their website. I've ordered rimmel london match perfection liquid foundation by checking on their website images and shade came best match with my skin. I also added daily defence shampoo into cart as I had been hearing many good reviews about Daily Defence Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and finally found it at mygerry.com. Visit the link for more amazing products. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rimmel london match perfection foundation Review-Swatch

There are many healthy options available when choosing a right liquid foundation. Although I'm completely satisfied with kryolan TV paint stick foundation that mean for heavy coverage since liquid formulas are more suitable for everyday use due to its convenient and quick application. I was striving to findout the perfect liquid formula to suit my dry skin which also feel light on skin but I had been confused between maybelline, Revlon and loreal. I'm definitly going to try all of them in future but today's pick is Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation. A reason why I've picked rimmel london match perfect foundation over other brands is its most affordable price range. I've picked the porcelian 071 shades which is slighly pinkish shade. It comes in 30ml dispense pump bottle with bright lid on.

Rimmel london match perfection foundation Review-Swatch
Rimmel london match perfection foundation - 071 porcelain
Rimmel london match perfection foundation Review-Swatch
Rimmel london match perfection foundation Review-Swatch
SadeeStyle Verdict:
Rimmel london match perfection is a very right formula in foundation range known perfect for oily skin but I'm so pleased how it surprisingly turned great on my dry skin. It's ultra light SPF formula help skin to feel fresh and hydrated all over the day also protect skin from sun rays. Procelain 071 is a pinkish shade which is good for my fair skin because I'm not very keen of pale foundations because I feel that pink foundations always flatter on me. It's super smooth formula blend easily on skin and provide best results when applying with fingers. Though formula is light and designed for medium coverage but it successfully hide all blemishes without feeling heavy or cracky, only downside is that it bit greasy which definitely can be fixed with compact powder. It  provide a clean smooth surface for applying makeup when fix with setting powder. Overall it's one of the best liquid foundations I've ever used so far definitely going to repurchase it.
Most affordable price.
Light weighted formula.
Easily blend with fingers.
Doesn't stain.
Glides smoothly on skin.
Amazing formula for dry and oily both skintones.
Ultra smooth finish which give great coverage.
Cover all blemishes.
Good choice of shades available to match all skintones.
A little bit sticky when use without setting powder.
Ratting & Recommendation:
I've ordered online but luckily got the perfect shade. Rimmel london match perfection foundation is one of the highest selling liquid foundations in Pakistan and highly recommended by professionals, I've tried and loved it, it's highly recommended by me for casual or formal use.
Price & Availability:
I'm so happy that its easily available on all local stores across nationwide, I've got mine from mygerrys. You may visit the site for ordering yours, currently mygerry offering great discount offer on all cosmetics range. It was available on mygerry just in 850 PKR when rest shades of foundations are available on much lower price.
Disclosure: The products featured in the review were provided for review purposes.. All opinions are honest and my own.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wear your culture

When one hears the word Pakistani Dress, the first image that comes to mind is the traditional eastern outfit, famously known as shalwar kameez. The ethnic dress for Pakistanis shalwar kameez, is manufactured for both men and women.  Shalwar Kameez  is an equally popular traditional dress for men and women in South Asia. This dress is also worn in some states of Central Asia. What is a shalwar kameez? Shalwar kameez is long attire which normally goes below the knees. For men it is a two piece dress, shalwar (trousers) with kameez (long tunic shirt), whereas for women it is a three piece dress, that is shalwar (trousers also known as the pajama), kameez (top which is also known as kurta) and  a duppata (scarf).  

The dress of any country is an integral part for its people as it expresses their culture, way of living and their distinctive style when compared to other countries. If we glance at the history of the Pakistani dress, then it is enriched with the influences of cultures and heritages that are centuries old. This is because of the numerous civilizations and invaders that left their mark on the land that we today call Pakistan.  
It is true that Pakistani  dresses  have gone through various transformations with fashion designers adding different designs and embellishments to give the traditional wear a new look. However, if you travel through the country then every province has a different flavor added to the tradition shalwar kameez, which certainly adds beauty and gives it a uniqueness.  Since online shopping in Pakistan has become the most convenient method of shopping, everyone is pulled towards it. The latest trends of men and women's shalwar kameez is available at the online store Daraz.pk at affordable prices. 
Pakistani Dresses Across the Four Provinces 
Looking into at the Balochi Pakistani dresses of today then one will notice that Balochi men wear shalwar kameez with long and loose sleeves with a loose shalwar, which is commonly white in color. Balochi men also tend to wear a turban on their head which is noted to be a sign of respect. As far as the shalwar kameez for Balochi women are concerned they are handmade with delicate needlework done on the back and front on the kameez. The Balochi dresses for women are a treat to dress in. 
When you enter the province of Sindh, the Sindhi Ajrak is popularly found in the rural areas of the province. The Ajrak is the traditional Sindhi cloth that has a unique print on it and comes in two colors, that is brown and maroon. The Ajrak cloth is found widely in Pakistan and is used to make kameezs for both men and women. 
As you travel north to Punjab, you will find that the Punjabi outfits have evolved the most in the Pakistani culture. The traditional clothing of Punjab used to be Lacha (Lower part of the dress, without any partition for legs), and the Paranda which women would use an accessory for their hair. Today, we barely see these Punjabi dresses, in the Pakistani culture. 
Moving further north you will meet the Pashtuns of Pakistan. The Pashtun dresses are made from light linens and are a loose fit to enhance easy mobility for Pashtuns. However, the cultural Pashtun shalwar kameez designed for men and women differ. For example, women wear a belt with their loose fit kameezes. 

Latest Men's Shalwar Kameez Suits

Men have lately been showing an interest in trendy and fashionable outfits, as they want to look sophisticated. What is better than the cultural attire to give men this modern look? You have guessed it right! Shalwar kameez is most appropriate dressing for men in the country. 
These are the latest designs for men's shalwar kameez and men's kurta. 
Embroidered Men's Shalwar Kameez 
The recent trend in men's shalwar kameez or  men's kurta  is a light embroidery either on the neckline, sleeves, shoulder or cuffs. Designers have introduced embroidery designs on men's shalwar kameez to give them a classy look. Embroidered wear for men is usually worn to semi-formal and formal events. 
Plain Shalwar Kameez 
Plain shalwar kameez for men are likely to be available in a single colour without any embroidery designs. It offers men a more decent look and is best suited as a casual or daily wear. 
Men's Kurta and Kameez Colours  
These days’ designers have been experimenting with every color for men's shalwar kameez. However, it depends on the occasion that you are going to wear your shalwar kameez to, such as if it's a formal event then white and black hues are best suited, whereas, if it is one of the many wedding functions then bright colors would be a good option.  So you can shop for online kurtas at Daraz.pk. 
Women's Shalwar Kameez

With the changing fashion trends, women's shalwar kameez have also seen a modification. The latest fashion in women's shalwar kameez is plain kameez with cotton shalwars. But digital prints for kameezs have taken the fashion market by storm lately and so have embroidered  ladies’ kurtas . These kameezs are best worn with churidars or tulip pants. Women are quite picky when choosing their outfits so they prefer to wear something comfortable and the best wear for Pakistani women is shalwar kameez. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Online Shopping for Eid-ul-Adha 2016

Only few days left to enjoy a second largest festival in Muslim world Eid-ul-Adha. Eids are typically a peak sealing seasons in Muslim world. Eidul fitr shopping season start as early as Ramadan month. Although eid ul adha is a festival of sacrifice and sacrifice feast but the word eid appears happiness  and celebration and celebration cannot start without wearing new clothes and accessories. Eid ul adha shopping has its own importance especially for girls and kids to wear the finest dress to perfume eid rituals when men are more encouraged in buying perfect animal for sacrifice.
However, if you feel eid ul adha shopping is quite stressful for you due to lake of time or busy schedule, you have better option buying things online for your family. After a revolutionary change in Online Shopping in Pakistan consumers are more interested in buying goods online. Online shopping trend has become famous in Pakistan in 2000 era and still growing gradually and now everyone who using Internet must have bought anything online.
If you are looking for an inspiration for your eid shopping spree, this article will help to find Top Online Shopping Websites. Whether you'll be looking for a designer summer lawn dress or a casual lawn suit and a pair of perfect shoes to match your eid dress, there are many options to choose from. For women, eid preparation cannot complete without wearing makeup since online shopping sites are flooded with latest trend of makuep products available in best prices. You may also find a perfect designer or a branded clothing range for your kids including kids fashion accessories. On the contrary, men clothing range also can be found online at the best price on many different sites. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Brumano Large Check Shirt - Review

Introducing a new premium clothing brand Brumano, probably a very finest Pakistani Men's brand in fashion clothing. Classic yet contemporary Men's clothing brand that suits a modern audience who wants a crisp and tailored look. Brumano is a very young brand but offering a complete range of menswear clothing including shirts, trouser, jackets, sweaters, belts and scarfs.
Although there are many different varieties in shirts range from plain to check style. I'm a huge lover of check and amazingly Brumano offering a huge range in check style shirts. It was difficult to choose just one from the range but I ended up with the large brown check casual fit shirt made with the finest cotton fabric in shallow collar & buttoned cuff placket style.
Brumano Large Check Shirt Pakinstani men's clothing brand
Brumano Large Check Shirt
Brumano Large Check Shirt
Brumano Large Check Shirt
Brumano Large Check Shirt
Brumano Large Check Shirt
SadeeStyle Verdict:
Brumano might a very young company but they are very dedicated to a high quality products. I could tell it was a high quality dress shirt and fit very well, my husband hardly like anything but he loved fitting and the fabric. Shirts range  Brumano is a combination of an exceptional fabric quality with excellent craftsmanship. I love how comfortable shirt fabric feels considered a bit more high end and expensive than many online brands around, but it is worth the price. Brumano currently offering a 50% off sale on their all products. Visit their official website for ordering and detail Brumano.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Cheap Ball Dresses NZ

My hunt for searching best party dress will never end until I got something to look fabulous and fantastic to wear on special days of our life. Al thought there are so many different styles of party dress to choose from those comes in many beautiful colors for your big day to make day special and memorable but here I am introducing something different and will guide consumers to buy latest style of wedding dress according to their taste which come to their budget.
I love how styledress.co.nz categorized the dresses according to new style of fashion. So in this post we will disuse about new fashion and dresses for latest style of wedding parties. It's a hardest thing for girls to buy perfect dresses for girls to wear on special parties or weddings. Styledresses have a huge range of Cheap Ball Dresses NZ  dresses to their range in very affordable price. If we talk about cheap party dresses we have huge range here on styledresses. Fashion of wearing ball dresses will never end but ball dress is again in fashion in 2016. I will prefer visiting the link above to find out the perfect piece of your desire.
And if we talk about ball style wedding dresses? All are to die for. Mermaid is already a dream of many girls since childhood. Who will not love wearing mermaid style party dresses for their big day? It also has been called fish tail or fish style gown. styledresses own a huge range of lace mermaid dresses in their list in very affordable price.
Currently styledresses is an ideal site for buying wedding attire online is offering free shipping to US, Canada, Uk, AU and NZ. Happy Shopping

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Cheap homecoming dresses 2016

Everyone wants to look the best, regardless of the occasion or their age or their body figure. This can be achieved through the casual style clothes. These days, female’s outfits have been designed by exclusive designers and suppliers to feature your body figure and persona, regardless of its type. This is appropriate for both men and ladies, more so for females as they have an inner urge to achieve a grateful looks wherever they go. No issue how old you are or what your human body shape may be, it is more than possible to put on an excellent outfit with the perfect length and design to help you look your best for those unique events in your future.
Cheap homecoming dresses are available on many different sites to make your special day beautiful.
There are a few styles to take note of before shopping for before shopping with which to upgrade your outfit’s collection. With the wide range of designs and styles seen on the fashion runways for this season, there is no doubt that everyone will discover a design that meets their taste and so does you to look better than the others.

Because homecoming dresses 2016 today have been designed to suit just about every human body shape out there, more thought is required in order to understand your human body shape and ensure you are purchasing informal use that fits you and complement your body features. Do you know what your human body shape is? Whether you are obese, skinny, small or broad structured, outfits for females today are made to help you look your best. Ca-Bridal offers a wide range of informal use outfits that can be used every day and clothed up for those unique events.

Dresses for females this year include attractive designs, informal use designs and office outfit and some of these designs can be found all within one outfit. With this being said, it may be a chance to take a look in your wardrobe and discover out just how you can upgrade your outfits collection by including a few newer ones, starting with an excellent design outfit for females. Accessories for females can take a black outfit and turn it into something different every time and this is what females design is all about for the year 2016

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi

Priority change with time, just wondering how fast thing can change. Last year i got married and im becoming a mother of my first baby in august 2016 insh shaa Allah, I have something really beautiful to share my opinion on. Yoomi is considered a first self warming feeding bottles gently warms baby's feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds.There are only three quick steps to work on. just charges the warmer, push the button and wait 60 seconds to use it.
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
Self warming feeding bottles - Yoomi
SadeeStyle Verdict:
Well concept is quite amazing and make mother's life very convenient. Yoomi is a unique invention, invented by farah and jim, a husband and wife were tired of struggling warming baby bottles when out of home. A bottle that warms baby milk in 60 second and make it super essential when out of home. They quality of the feeding system in exceptional and idea of the invention is unique and make mother's lifestyle very convenient. 
I've personally used it and found it a brilliant invention. I really like how this feeding system made with the finest material of plastic and can be compared with any big brand of  infants feeders. It's a great product to help mothers specially in a nighttime, It warms milk to breast milk temperature just in 60 seconds. 
Disclosure: The products featured in the review were provided for review purposes.. All opinions are honest and my own.

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