Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Main Advantages to Using Organic Skin Products

Organic skin products are made exactly how nature intended them. They are free of all synthetic additives which are potentially harmful to the skin. If you want to engage in natural skin care you have to seek the anti-ageing properties of natural and organic chemicals like vitamin C. The organic product industry is growing due to many people going back to their roots and putting more natural aspects into their lives. People are seeking to feed their body and not harm it. With this movement towards the natural, there is only good energy feeding into this movement. If you are interested check this product by Mad Hippie

Sales of organic skin products are rising as the industry is taking a proactive role in advertising and proper labelling. Some countries have begun to regulate the industry and more companies than ever are moving towards non-toxic products for the skin of their users. No matter the kinds of scientific advances made in synthetic products, there is nothing better than natural, organic products for the skin. There are a number of products which are touted for natural skin care, such as creams, essentials, face masks, moisturizer, oils and rubs. Different standards mean different things in different countries and research can help separate the fact from fiction.

Organic skin products are so named because all of their ingredients are based from natural plant materials. They completely remove all synthetic chemicals. There are differences in products, but with the new labelling system consumers can find products which are properly certified as 100 Percent Organic. This means these skin products are only made up of 100% organic products (with nothing synthetic). A product can be natural and not synthetic. For example, a product can have its main ingredient as a natural product, such as oranges, but the rest of the product is synthetic (like synthetic preservatives).

In some countries, the organic label can only be used on products which are at least 95% made of natural ingredients. This includes the preservatives and constituting ingredients as well as the main active ingredient. Products with this label may include a small amount of ingredients which are not organic. Organic skin products with the label “Made with Organic Ingredients” are products with at least 70% organic products. This is the lowest concentration of organic ingredients. Most of the ingredients are organic, but there are a lot of synthetic, conventionally produced ingredients. This is typically the lowest grade. Below this grade are products which claim to be natural, but which are probably not officially organic.

Organic skin products have little to no synthetic chemicals in their composition. The growing of the botanical elements is usually done naturally (in fields with natural fertilizer) and the processing plants use no synthetic chemicals to process the ingredients. The plants grown for these products are not genetically altered in any way. Example, oranges or other vitamin C rich plants are not given any non-natural fertilizers. The natural skin care provided by anti-aging creams is not hindered by the negative effects chemicals can have on the skin. The broad term of organic applies to products with no chemical residue as they are processed and made into the intended product.

The down side to organic skin products is they have a shorter shelf life. The preservatives, being natural, only last as long as they would normally in the wild. Synthetic products increase the shelf life, but at the detriment of the body due to the chemical compounds that can be toxic in prolonged doses. The expiration date is helpful to find the freshest organic materials, but regardless, even preservatives made from natural sources can preserve for only so long. Generally, this is a good trade off. The products have not been pumped with potentially toxic chemicals which can harm the user over the long run.

Certified organic skin products are products where the organic composition is high enough to be measured. There are also products which have additional labels. Products labelled as “No Harmful Toxins” mean that the pesticides used have been certified as safe for humans and animals to be exposed to. Synthetic influenced compounds, even those made from natural products, may have been exposed to toxic pesticides and in so doing, may potentially pass these harmful chemicals on to the user of the products. The processing of these products as well are free of harmful chemicals.

There are certainly synthetic products and artificial ingredients which are not harmful. But for organic skin products to be truly organic, they cannot contain synthetic or artificial products. Even harmless artificial dyes are considered out of the organic sphere and can remove a product from the organic spectrum. Any dyes in a product should be organic and naturally produced. Natural products can be affected by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). However, the farmers and cultivators of these products remove the final skin product from being considered organic. Eating a GMO tomato for instance might taste like a regular tomato, but will be putting the same hormones and chemicals into the body as were put into the tomato.

Agricultural sustainability is an important part of the organic way of life. Producers of organic skin products keep the environment in mind and do not support when the environment is wasted. Recycled materials are used for packaging, production and transportation of organic items. Organic farming is certainly more costly and time consuming (which in turn make organic products generally more expensive), but the benefits from organic materials are greater. Products which are 100% organic are almost certainly a part of the agricultural sustainability method of production.

Cruelty free products are certified as never being tested on animals. This also extends further. The animals which provide some products are treated well, and fed on grass (instead of products which they would normally not eat). The grass these animals eat is not chemically treated (fertilized, etc). This means that the products (such as wool from sheep) are not filled with chemical fertilizer either. Online shoppers should look for 100% organic products to ensure the products are made from cruelty free farms.

Anti-aging, natural skin care, organic skin products, like those made from vitamin C are typically certified free of synthetic products. Organic products are typically specific in their titles. Such as banana and avocado mask instead of just saying natural skin mask. The “natural skin mask” is likely to only have the main ingredient as a natural product instead of 95 to 100% of the product as organic. There are some natural ingredients which sound synthetic, but with some research and education you can determine which is which. Organic products are a healthier way to take care of your skin. Supporting organic products gives the farmers more support to continue doing what they are doing which makes the industry larger.

People vote with their money and organic skin products are no different. Supporting organic farmers means that more and more acres of land will stay fresh and preserved and able to produce the plants they are supposed to produce. Fragile ecosystems all over the world are suffering from detrimental farming practices, but organic farms are free of these slash and burn techniques. In a way they are giving back to the earth as well as helping the earth give to her children, us.


  1. Thanks so much for this post, it's extremely helpful!!!! :)

  2. I hope this awareness spreads more in Pakistan.thx for sharing the post.very informative

  3. Nice Post..Organic products are way better than the chemical ones! :)

  4. seems interesting products. <3
    lovely review


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