Friday, 18 September 2015

The Latest Lingerie Trends

This time of year there's always a lot of focus on various outfitting elements specific to the cooling weather: we'll see new jackets and coats, stylish accessories meant for warmth, and of course, all the fall footwear we can possibly handle. But sometimes it's nice to take the time to focus on what's underneath it all as well, which is why I wanted to devote this space to some delightful lingerie trends that have cropped up lately. Enjoy!

Artistically Designed Cups
Laces, ribbons, patterns, colorful designs, and a variety of other frills and enhancements are pretty standard for bra cups, but in a lot of the exhibitions on recent lingerie trends, we're seeing cups with a little bit more to them. This Pinterest board highlights some truly gorgeous examples, with the prevailing theme being artistic, textured designs stitched onto the cups. It's a nice twist, as designers seem to be adorning classic garments rather than trying to come up with more different ways to cut fabrics to do something new!

One-Piece Bodysuits
This is one popular trend heading into the fall that I just can't get enough of. I first became aware of the style's emergence at Lyst's lingerie page, which showcased a few selections topped off by a beautifully simple grey bodysuit with a deep neck and tiny sleeves. Although, there were also some more adventurous options. Basically, this concept is the bedroom version of the increased popularity of one-piece bathing suits seen during the summer.

Sheer & Pastel Shades
The Lingerie Addict pointed to pastels in its exposé on lingerie trends for the spring and summer seasons that we've just gotten through, but hey, I for one am carrying them with me into the fall and winter! Am I the only one who gets kind of tired of the idea that fall and winter clothing can only come in dark tones or sharply defined colors? I personally love the idea of a few sheer, pastel nightgowns or babydolls to lighten the mood in the comfort of indoor heating.

Emphasis On Comfort
In case you missed it, The New York Times ran a piece earlier this year suggesting that the thong was on its way out, as younger generations of women opt for comfort rather than perceived sex appeal. I'd still say getting rid of thongs altogether can actually be kind of inconvenient and is an idea for each woman to address independently. However, the larger concept of putting comfort first does seem to be gaining steam. A lot of more supportive, comfortable pieces are being emphasized in lingerie collections, and this is definitely something to embrace.
That's it for me! What's your take on the latest lingerie?


  1. I definitely think the idea of comfort gaining steam is a good one! What girl doesn't want to feel sexy AND comfortable?

  2. Cute black top :)
    Maria V.

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