Friday, 16 October 2015

Ultimate Guide for Buying Fragrances for Men & Women

The fragrance you use, describes your personality and character. If you are searching a fragrance online, you may feel a bit overwhelm due to wide range of choices. Whether you are selecting perfume for men or women, the ultimate guide for buying fragrance will help in finding signature colognes.

Categories of Fragrances
Perfumes are categorized into five groups, on the basis on scent type. These are floral and fruity, fresh and zesty, woody and musky, spicy and oriental. Besides selection of your favorite perfume, it is important to figure out which smells are the best according to occasion. For people, wearing a uniform, sneaker or jeans, it is good to use something like citrusy. On the other hand, spicy cologne will be best for sport and easygoing people.

Floral & Fruity Fragrance
For Men
Though it seems that selecting a Men’s Perfumes in Pakistan is time consuming job but little knowledge of categories will help you to select the right. Orange and lavender blossom are center of attraction as they make smell more appealing for others.
For Women
On the hand, light fruity fragrance is refreshing for women. There is diversity of options, starting from single notes like white flowers, jasmine, rose flower to complicated blend of fragrances. Infidele, 10th Avenue Light Pink, ImaPrincess and Novice Summer are some of the commonly used perfumes.

Fresh and Zesty Fragrance
For Women 
Basically zesty smells are refreshing therefore put in vibrant quality with intimation of cleanliness and elegance. Fresh and zesty perfumes are composed of best fruit notes and keep you to feel full of life even at the end of the day. Azuree, Bottega Veneta and Atkinsons are preferred by women when they desire to have sweet stimulating fragrance around them.
For Men 
For everyday use, zesty perfume can be just right addition to wardrobe. When citrus fruits like bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin are added, aroma becomes more refreshing and alluring. Consider Aqua de Parma, Polo Ralph Raven, Hugo Boss and The Merchant of Venice while buying gift for your dear one.

Woody and Musky Fragrances
For Women
Though woody and musky is familiar as male dominating perfume group but there are some Women’s Perfumes in Pakistan as well. It is just right scent for evening functions. Use fragrance on neck and wrist as woody perfumes are most sensual. Gucci, Lancome, Prada and Burberry body intense are some of the popular smells.
For Men
Are you looking for manly and most stimulating type of fragrance? Select musky perfumes carefully as these are very strong. Black Panther and Anchorman Fans are tremendous versions of musky smells. In fact, these are head turning, long lasting and deep perfumes. Patchouli and Vetiver are daily based woody notes, whereas Creed and Amber wood make these smells more robust.

Spicy and Oriental
For Women & Men
Women are familiar with cloves, cinnamon and pink pepper smells in kitchen. Now, oriental and spicy fragrances are combined with flowery notes. Sensual scents like Black Opium, Poeme, Lancome, Angel, and Versace are some of the perfumes that add warmness and vigor in life.
On the other hand, men can use charming perfumes full of excitement with combination of amber or spices. Some of the adventurous and long lasting fragrances are Vercase, Hugo Boss, Diesel Fuel for life and Calvin Klein Obsession.


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